Senior Health and Life Insurance Services

What to Expect

Complement your Medicare coverage with a Medicare supplement insurance plan.  Our agency is licensed and approved and in just one phone call, we can:

  • Walk you through every standardized Medicare Supplement insurance plan and benefits (11 Standardized Medigap plans nationwide), with many reputable companies
  • Help you find the plan to fit your needs and budget
  • Answer any questions you might have about Medicare and Medicare Supplement insurance coverage
  • And if you’re ready to enroll, we can even sign you up over the phone, email or though the mail

Click that button to your right... or call me directly at (888) 901-4870.

Medicare Supplements & Other Plans

Do I need Medigap?

We help turning 65 folks and those already on Medicare... find the best Medicare Supplement senior health plan, at the best rate.

Life Insurance Plans for Everyone

Whether you're young or old, we can help you find the right life insurance plan to protect your family or business.

Medicare Part D Plans

Medicare Part D

Simply put, if you're on Medicare, Medicare Part D is your prescription drug insurance plan. Let us help you find the right plan.

What People are Saying

When I turned 65, I had over 50 insurance agents call me about providing Medicare Supplement coverage, to fill in the gaps of my Medicare coverage. Of all the agents, he was the only one that gave me multiple choices that I could look at and make a choice. He never made me feel that I was being pushed into anything and that it was my decision. All the other agents pushed me from the start to purchase a product from them. Chad didn’t do that but answered all my questions so that I made the right decision for me. I recommend him very highly.

Charley A.- Graniteville, SC

I highly recommend working with Chad if you are looking for the best Medicare supplement policy.  He knows of what he speaks.  I enjoyed his warmth and friendliness. He saved me approximately $100 per month on my supplemental insurance and he did it very professionally.

Helen N.  Kerrville, TX


For more personalized service, please call me at (888) 901-4870.
Please allow me the opportunity to provide the information you need so that you can choose the best coverage that fits your needs and budget.  If you like the idea of having an agent that you know personally, treats you like family, specializes in Medicare and supplemental insurance coverage and will look after your needs each and every year… then please contact me.

Chad Cason - Licensed Agent/Agency Owner